The word "clairvoyant" is translated as "clear seeing". Originally, this term was used several centuries ago to describe a celebrity French entertainer, who publicly (and correctly) announced, during a celebratory evening dinner, that a famous politician's house was being consumed by fire that very moment. This fire was happening more than one thousand miles away, which back then would have required weeks for the news to spread. The psychic in question, Emanuel Swedenborg, was renown for his amazingly accurate forecasts and intuitions, along with his writing about the spirit dimension. As a result of this, a completely new style of language was developed to describe the apparently supernatural ability to sense, see or even smell events that are beyond the scope of the five senses.

Extra information about clairvoyant

psychics Versus clairvoyants

Lots of people confuse psychics with clairvoyants. Bear in mind that not every psychic is a clairvoyant. Actually, there are a minimum of seven distinctive kinds of intuitive skills that can work independently of clairvoyance. In the view of many experts, real clairvoyants are a specialist "breed" of psychics.

Other Kinds of Psychic Ability

Several psychics employ the use of psychometry. This is the act (or art) of assessing the energy in objects. Lots of psychic crime detectives have this skill, and they need an item belonging to the possible perpetrator or victim of a crime to try to sense what actually happened. mediums are not always clairvoyant either. Celebrity psychic, John Edward, has said that he thinks the majority of mediums are not clairvoyant, can not predict future events, and do not have precognition skills. However, he does believe that they can channel or tune into "spirit" messages. This is a completely different ability from being able to forecast the future, or sense things that are occurring a long distance away (both characteristic skills that many good clairvoyants possess).

Understanding how Clairvoyants Work

Clairvoyants do not have to be close to you to predict your future. Many of the most famous and celebrated clairvoyants hardly ever meet their clients. Indeed, they carry out most of their work solely by telephone. In fact, lots of world renown clairvoyants will not meet clients face to face, because they think that it obstructs the signals that emanate from vocal energy alone. Some believe that problems can result from unwitting assumptions and judgments that occur when any of us meet someone new. Do not forget, clairvoyants are human beings, just like you.

The Impact of clairvoyant readings

Undoubtedly, a clairvoyant reading can alter your life. A skilled clairvoyant will disclose things so profound and powerful about your personality, your future life and your real purpose, that it will change your view of the world forever. If you are skeptical, as many people are these days, a reading which reveals the mysteries of life in a new way is an amazingly liberating experience. Certainly, if you are open minded enough about the meaning of life and your place in the universe, it is an unforgettable experience too.